County: Somerset

A county of gorges, caves and cheese. And Bath.


This is about the furthest I can reach, westwards on a day tour. Bath is probably the most famous of its towns and cities, but Somerset is more than just this Roman/Georgian city.

It is a rural county of rolling hills, the flat areas of the Somerset levels, and the striking Cheddar Gorge with its famous caves (and home to the 9000 year old 'Cheddar man', who incidentally has a descendant still living in Cheddar! That blows my mind.) Cheddar, of course, is home to cheddar cheese, and you can see it being made. Cheddaring is a process, which is why other places are legally allowed to produce 'cheddar cheese'. If you like cider, this is the county for it. Somerset is the county of myth and mystery with the enduring legends of King Arthur as well as the Holy Grail to be found at Glastonbury.

Need to know:

  • Other than Bath, tours to Somerset mostly start from Farnborough Station (or nearby) because it is usually a 10-12 hour tour.


Can be linked with Stonehenge.