Jane Austen

County: Hampshire

One of the country's best loved authors; born, lived, died and buried in Hampshire 200 years ago


My husband objected to me wanting to include Jane Austen, as she's not a 'place', but I insisted as she is so popular that visitors from all over the world wish to discover more about her life and where she came from. I have lived in Hampshire for half my life now; I am biased and very proud of the Jane Austen connection. Forget Bath! She didn't even like it there, and only lived there for 4 years. She was a Hampshire lass through and through; born in Steventon in 1775 and died in Winchester in 1817. I can show you where she was born (not the house; that has long gone, but her father's church is still there and open to visitors); you can visit the actual house she lived in for the last 8 years of her life in Chawton; her mother and sister are buried in the local graveyard there. You can stand outside the house in which she died, and pay your respects at her burial place inside Winchester Cathedral. 

But more than this, Chawton itself is a delightful chocolate-box village, with plenty of thatched cottages. And Winchester is the ancient capital of Anglo-saxon England with a fine 12th century cathedral and a vibrant yet historic centre; well worth a visit in its own right.

Need to know:

  • I don't normally include a visit to Steventon, so please let me know if you do wish to go there
  • Chawton is about an hour from Heathrow; Winchester is half an hour from Chawton, but about an hour from Heathrow.
  • Admission charges to Jane Austen's house and Winchester cathedral apply.


See separate entries for Winchester and Bath. I wouldn't normally do Chawton / Winchester / Bath as a day tour, but could end a tour in Bath if you wish to stay overnight.

Can be combined with Stonehenge or a country drive in Hampshire or Surrey.