County: Hampshire

Ancient capital of Anglo Saxon England, and the burial place of one of our most loved authors, Jane Austen.


Am I allowed to have favourites? If so Winchester has to be one of them. County town of present-day Hampshire, Winchester was also the ancient capital of Wessex and England. Come and find out about King Alfred the Great; visit the Norman Cathedral whose history began centuries earlier, and where you can marvel at the beautiful 12th century Winchester Bible and see where Jane Austen is buried. Come and be charmed by its quaint and historic High Street. If time allows, you can also walk up to the Great Hall with its 450 year old "Arthurian" Round Table, or down to the City Mill and stroll along the River Itchen or perhaps visit the ruins of the Norman Wolvesey Castle.

Winchester is slightly off the typical tourist trail and I really don't know why, as it's delightful. But maybe that is all for the better -to keep it for the discerning visitor.

Need to know:

  • There is so much to see in Winchester but we typically have time just to have a short walk around the city, see King Alfred's statue, visit the cathedral and have lunch (if required)
  • There is an admission fee of £8 (adult) to visit the cathedral
  • It is a working church, and it is possible there may be temporary or partial closures on the day
  • About an hour's drive from Heathrow


Fits in well with a tour of the Hampshire countryside, Stonehenge, or Jane Austen trail. Also makes a good stop for Southampton as it's only about half an hour away.

Can be combined with tour of the South Downs ie Arundel in Sussex