County: Wiltshire

Possibly THE most requested place to visit, Stonehenge is undoubtedly a superstar in our nation's long history


Stonehenge is a UNESCO world heritage site, visited by over 1.3 million people a year.  It's been around in some shape or form for 5000 years and retains its air of mystery. Why was it built? How did they build it? Who built it? It isn't even the largest Neolithic stone circle (see Avebury) nor the oldest, but it is probably the most famous, with its unique construction. 

You may wish to visit because it's so famous, or because of a historical interest, or perhaps it holds a deeper, spiritual meaning for you. Whatever the reason, as we go around the stones together, I will discuss the main theories as to its construction and purpose as well as other little tidbits to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. Oh yes, and I will take as many photos as you like of you at Stonehenge! 

Typically we have up to 2 hours at Stonehenge (depending on your itinerary it could be a bit less); I come around the stones with you, and once back at the visitor centre you then have free time to explore the exhibition centre, outside exhibits, and maybe flex your credit card in the well-stocked gift shop and café. 

Please note that Stonehenge is a 90 minute drive from Heathrow so you will need at least a 9 hour layover if you are considering this as a layover tour. And it's about an hour's drive from both Southampton and Bath without stops. However Stonehenge fits in very well with several other places and can be easily combined with visits to Salisbury, Winchester, and Avebury. 

Admission to Stonehenge is nearly always included in the cost of your tour, simply because I need to pre-book tickets. But if you are a member of English Heritage or National Trust (and sister Trusts from abroad) then let me know and I will take off the cost of the tickets.

Need to know:

  • Stonehenge is about a 90 minute drive from Windsor / Heathrow
  • Admission is included in the tour price
  • Up to 2 hours for a visit, but it may be less depending upon your itinerary
  • Very occasionally I may be able to offer inner circle access visits 
  • Please note Stonehenge stands within a plain. Outside of summer, it can be very windy and bitterly cold (over winter). On occasions over winter, if the field is too muddy or slippery, English Heritage do close off part of the route


For a full day's tour, consider combining Stonehenge with Winchester, Salisbury, Avebury or the New Forest.