Booking a Tour

At Windsor Day Tours we offer both private and public tours. The booking process is a little different for each.

Private Tours

Private tours are arranged on a 1:1 basis with you the client, with your needs and preferences in mind. We meet you and your group at your airport, cruise terminal, or hotel; we take you on an individually planned trip, customised to your requirements; and we return you when and where you need to be to catch your onwards flight, cruise departure, or to check into your hotel.

To book a private tour with us, please start by filling out one of our enquiry forms, which you can find here - Submit Enquiry. We can then discuss your requirements by email, prepare an itinerary and send you a quotation.

If you've already received a quotation from us, and are ready to book, please enter your quotation number here - Submit Booking and proceed to fill out the booking form.

Public Tours

Public Tours have a pre-arranged date/time and itinerary. We will publish dates on our calendar soon, along with details of how to book.

Any Questions?

We're very happy to answer your questions about our services, or to give advice and recommendations about things to see or do on your trip with us. The best way to reach us is to fill out an enquiry form, which you'll find here...