Covid 19. What about the tours?

Touring is going to look very different for a long while.

(Rocking that lockdown hairstyle, don't you think?!)

I am writing this before the country's grand re-opening on July 4th. Our "independence day" as our prime minister is fond of saying. So at the moment if you're looking to book a tour for 2020, I don't actually know how the day will look!

I will be spending July visiting the main tourist places on my itineraries to see what their requirements are; whether my timings are now hopelessly off-course. We're now in September and I still haven't done this, mostly because I don't have any tours yet! My suspicions are that Windsor and Stonehenge especially are going to need longer than I would normally allow which will impact on what can be achieved in a tour.

The main casualty at the moment is Bath. If you want a tour that involves finishing up at Bath, I can continue to do that. But visiting Bath as a day tour from Windsor or Heathrow has to be cut for now, as it will involve too much extra time to be viable. I'm not sure about the Cotswolds either at the moment. 

More on this when I've been able to visit the sites again, and plan my revised itineraries.