Covid 19 and Your Welfare

Murphy doesn't have a clue what to do about Covid 19 and wearing a mask. It's a good job I'll be looking after you.

 Well hello! I've been so looking forward to seeing you all after all this time! I hope you're as excited to visit the UK as I am to be able to show you a small part of it. But just in case you have some lingering concerns over this coronavirus, here's what'll happen.

When we meet, face coverings are required within buildings, so I will be wearing a face mask, so that sign with your name on will be really important, although I will still of course be wearing my lilac coat or jacket to help me stand out in the crowd.

As much as I'd love to, there will be no handshake or hug (and yes, sometimes by the time we meet, and certainly by the end of the tour you'll feel like you're with an old friend) to comply with social distancing.

I am proud of the cleanliness of my car, so I will continue to clean it before each tour to my usual high standards including sanitising seats and hand trays.

Since I only have one tour a day (You!) I probably won't wear a face mask / shield in the car because you need to be able to hear what I am saying. If you feel uncomfortable with this, please do say so, and I will wear my face shield. 

I will have disposable face masks, tissues and hand sanitiser in the car for you to use if you don't have your own. I would recommend bringing a mask because some places may insist on them being worn (for example the shuttle bus at Stonehenge)

If you have a cough please wear a mask. If I start coughing, I'll wear a mask. (Honestly; I'm not going to risk your health if I had Covid 19 symptoms, and would be arranging a taxi or something in that instance. However, I do have seasonal asthma. I can be fine out and about, but when I get in the car, there is something about the air conditioning that can set me off). 

Please dispose of any rubbish (trash) when you leave the car. Thank you!

This will be revised as and when with regard to official UK guidance.