Heathrow Layovers

Staying in the airport can be pretty boring, so how about using the time to see a bit of England? Our layover tours are designed specifically for those arriving and departing the same day and who have layovers of 7 hours or more.

(If you’re staying at a Heathrow hotel, see my 'full day tours' collection)

So, you have a long layover and are keen to get out and about and explore the area? Great!

But first:

  • Please allow 1 hour from landing to getting through immigration and customs, and then you will need 2-3 hours to complete the departing flight’s formalities, so you need AT LEAST 6 hours or more between flights (3 hours for formalities + 3 extra hours minimum for the tour itself).
  • If your luggage isn't checked through to your final destination, and you need to bring your suitcases, that is fine. They can stay in the car and I will look after them. I can take 4 people and 4 suitcases and carry-ons (possibly a bit more).
  • If your suitcases are booked through and you don’t need to collect them, I can take up to 6 people and their *very small* carry-ons.
  • My tours are timed in good faith and I allow extra journey time in case of traffic problems, but I cannot be held responsible for any delays which could mean you miss your flight. I do recommend you consider purchasing travel insurance to cover such eventualities.
  • Layover tours are private tours; prices given on this website are for guidance purposes, but when I give you a quote for your tour, you can be certain that price won’t change, even if, for example, petrol/gas prices continue to rise.
  • I will meet you in arrivals, holding a Windsor Day Tours sign with your name on it. Look for the woman in a lilac coat, trying to stand out amongst the sea of dark suits.
  • Tour prices include a ‘meet and greet’ at arrivals, car parking fees, looking after your luggage, my services as driver-guide, and return to Heathrow. Prices do not include admission costs or other incidentals unless specified (Stonehenge is usually included as I need to pre-book tickets anyway).
  • Prices are per car, not individuals!

If you are staying at a Heathrow hotel and are looking for a day tour, please see my ‘Full Day Tours’ section, or contact me with what you would like to see.

Similarly, if you are arriving at Heathrow (or departing from) and would like a tour en route to/from your destination hotel, please have a look at the 'Full Day Tours' section. There's bound to be something that will interest you.