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As Stonehenge is such a popular request, I have several tours that visit, in several combinations. This page brings those tours together for you to compare and read about the places we visit.

Tours from Windsor / Heathrow / Farnborough

“Stonehenge & Windsor” - Windsor, Wherwell & Stonehenge

“Cathedral & Stonehenge” - Stonehenge, Wherwell, Salisbury OR Winchester

“Stonehenge 1/2 day” - Stonehenge and Wherwell

“Royalty, Writers & Relics” - Chawton, Winchster & Stonehenge (has its own page)

“Stone Circles & Lacock” - Avebury, Stonehenge & Lacock (has its own page)

“Wiltshire Wonders” - Salisbury, Shaftesbury & Stonehenge (has its own page)

Tours from Southampton which include Stonehenge:

“1/2 day Salisbury & Stonehenge”

“Leisurely Salisbury & Stonehenge with lunch”

There are also a couple of tours from Southampton which include Stonehenge on the way to Bath; they have their own page.


Salisbury is a delightful mediaeval city whose cathedral dates back to 1220. It is unusual in that the main body was built in only 38 years, thus providing a rare example of one architectural style, rather than a mixture, built over generations. It has the tallest spire in the United Kingdom, the oldest working clock in the world, and houses one of the four remaining original copies of the 1215 Magna Carta.

The nearby church of St Thomas and St Edmund, built at the same time as the cathedral has a fine example of a mediaeval ‘Doom Painting’.

2 miles outside of Salisbury is Old Sarum, an iron-age hillfort which we pass on the way to Stonehenge. It is the site of William the Conqueror’s castle built around 1069, as well as that of the original cathedral, begun in 1075. Discover why they built the second cathedral in a different place!

On half-day tours you will have time to visit the cathedral; on full-day tours we have the opportunity to walk through the town where I will show you some of the points of interest.

Please note: Salisbury Cathedral & the Chapter House (for the Magna Carta) are closed to visitors on Sunday mornings, and certain other days of the year.


Britain has over 1000 stone circles, but there is only one Stonehenge. Built approximately 5000 years ago, it was not the first structure in the area. Astronomical clock? A place of healing, or a place of burial? If the Druids weren’t the builders, who were? How? Why?! Stonehenge is a place of questions, and we can discuss the many theories about its creation and purpose.

You will normally have between 45 - 60 minutes here. I will gladly take photos of you and point out things of interest before giving you time to wander around at your own pace.

There are toilet facilities and a refreshment kiosk - they’re not the most brilliant in the world, and at peak times, it can feel very crowded. The stones are in the middle of a field between 2 roads, and nothing else, so the wind often whips across the plain, and it can be surprisingly cold out there, so unless it’s a baking hot day, you may wish to have some kind of covering to keep you warm.

Admission to Stonehenge is included in the tour price.


One of my favourite places, which is probably why I include it in many of my tours! But if you are after a quintessential English village complete with thatched cottages, then this place is a must-see. It is so peaceful, so beautiful, that I am sure you will be as charmed by it as I am. It comes complete with some fascinating stories which I will happily tell you, either as we stop for photos, or over lunch if that is part of your tour in one of the local pubs.


Capital of the Anglo-Saxon kings, and burial place of Jane Austen, this ancient city is bound to interest. The cathedral, begun in 1079, replaces the original of 642 AD whose outline can still be seen in the ground next to the ‘newer’ version. The cathedral houses the burial place of Jane Austen, one of England’s best-loved authors as well as the bones of some of our earliest kings, queen and bishops. It is here that the magnificent 12th century illuminated bible is housed. Hear about the legend of the 9th century St Swithun and why we check the weather on July 15th to this day!

Depending on the tour, there may be time to visit the 13th century Great Hall, and ponder whether King Arthur’s Round Table hanging on the wall is genuine, or a fake. The answer may surprise you!

I find the Anglo-Saxons fascinating, so will enjoy telling you about King Alfred the Great, as well as the intriguing Queen Emma, wife of two kings, and mother of two kings.

On the outskirts of the city is The Hospital of St Cross, founded by Henry de Blois, grandson of William the Conqueror. This is not always on the tour, simply because of time factors, but if you would like to visit, please do let me know. I think it’s a gem of a place, off the main tourist trail, but quite delightful and a wonderful example of Norman architecture, Tudor buildings and serene 17th century gardens. You would also have the opportunity to take part in a custom dating back almost 900 years...


Just 20 minutes by car from Heathrow Airport, Windsor seems a world away. With archaeological remains dating back to neolithic times and earlier, and seat of the Anglo-Saxon kings, Windsor is best known for its imposing castle, built by William the Conqueror, and still used by our Queen. What surprises people is how much it is part of the town, and not apart from it. Most people wish to spend time visiting the castle, so for some of the tours this is an option. You will have about 90 minutes to 2 hours for an independent visit. For tours which are a ‘drive through’, in reality that means a walk through the town, pointing out buildings and sites of interest. Find out what Sir Christopher Wren, Prince Charles and Elton John have in common!

We also have the opportunity to drive through Runnymede, and past the memorial commemorating the ‘signing’ of the Magna Carta in 1215 as well as the lovely village of Datchet. Not heard of it? It isn’t well known, but is rather pretty with plenty of stories to tell, but rather overshadowed by its more famous neighbour, Eton College, founded in 1440 for 70 King’s Scholars, and still doing rather well for itself to this day!




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