Southampton to Bath

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Southampton to your Bath Hotel

There are two choices, depending whether you prefer a half-day or full-day tour. Both are essentially the same until Stonehenge, so let me describe them for you, and how they differ.

After meeting you off your cruise ship, we travel through the scenic New Forest, which was considered ‘new’ when William the Conqueror claimed it for himself in the 1070s! At 220 square miles (roughly), it is our smallest, and newest National Park. Keep your eyes open - and your camera ready - because who knows what you’ll see?!

50 minutes later, we arrive in Salisbury where there is time for you to visit independently the beautiful 800 year old cathedral with its tallest spire in England; its oldest working clock in the world, and the best-preserved original copy of the 1215 Magna Carta. For those taking the full-day tour, I will show you the town first before giving you time to explore the cathedral at your leisure. Hear about the gruesome find in the old Haunch of Venison pub; see the mediaeval ‘Doom Painting’ and discover how recycling is not a new idea!

Please note: Salisbury Cathedral and other churches are not open to visitors on Sunday mornings..Salisbury

We pass Old Sarum on our way to Stonehenge, and I will tell you some of the history of this Iron-age hillfort, and the legend attached to it.

At Stonehenge (admission is included in the tour price), I will explain the theories surrounding this 5000 year old monument, and take photos of you in front of the stones before giving you time to wander around at your own pace.

There is a shop here, plus refreshment facilities, and for those on the half-day tour, you may wish to grab a coffee and a bite to eat before the hour journey to your hotel in Bath. This tour takes about 4.5 hours.

For those of you on the full-day tour, I’d suggest you DON’T have refreshments at Stonehenge because we’ll soon be stopping for lunch at a country pub. After an enjoyable meal, we head to Lacock, a charming village that is stuck in a time-warp of 400 years and more ago. It is owned by the National Trust, and is used for many a film setting, including the Harry Potter films. The Abbey was established in 1232, and later became the home of the Fox-Talbot family, the pioneer of photography. I’m sure you will be busy taking your own photographs, but all too soon it will be time to leave so that you can reach your Bath hotel, having had a wonderful day seeing the varied sights of this part of the country.Lacock


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