Windsor Day Tours

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you pick up from?

At Heathrow, I will meet you in the arrivals hall of whichever Terminal you fly into. Look for a Windsor Day Tours headed sign with your name on.

At Southampton Cruise Terminals, I wait just inside the arrival hall, near the doors. Again, I will have a sign with your name on.

If you are staying in the Heathrow, Windsor to Farnborough areas, I will meet you at your hotel. If I arrive before you are in reception, I will inform the receptionist of my arrival, but may then need to wait in my car.

If you travelling to Windsor for a day trip, I will meet you at Queen Victoriaís statue, by Windsor Castle as she is in a very obvious position!

Do you pick up from London?

For a straightforward day tour, No, I donít pick up from within the M25 boundaries. The train journey from Paddington or Waterloo is much quicker for you than battling the commuter traffic, where itís possible to be stuck in a car for up to 2 hours and still not be outside of London. That doesnít sound like fun to me. Many people want to spend some time in Windsor anyway, so it seemed an ideal place to start from.

However, if your tour includes a transfer to/from another hotel or airport / cruise then I can accommodate a London pick up or drop-off.

When do I need to pay for the tour?

To reserve a tour, you need to complete the booking form and pay either the full amount or a 10% deposit. If you pay the deposit, you can choose to pay the balance anytime prior to the tour via Paypal. Just click on the invoice number on your booking summary. Otherwise you can pay on the day of the tour with cash.

If for some reason I needed to refund you some money, I can easily do that via Paypal.

How much time do we spend in the car versus actually at the destinations?

One of the criticisms of tours generally is the amount of travel time involved, and feeling Ďrushedí. I have tried to balance travelling times with the amount of time you get at any one place.  I acknowledge that my tours may be busy, but hopefully not too busy that you donít get a good feel of a place. Typically the car journey from and to Windsor will be 1 - 1.5 hours, whereas driving times within the tours proper are typically 30 mins to 1 hour at a time

On the full day tours, you will normally have about 2.5 to 3 hours for the main visit, with other stops lasting between 30 mins to 1 hour. Please see individual tours for more information. Of course, journey times can be adversely affected by traffic conditions beyond my control, and we may arrive back later than stated. Please consider this carefully if you have onward travel connections or have arranged a reservation e.g. a theatre trip. I cannot be held liable for missed flights / sailings / departures / reservations. I would always encourage people to take out travel insurance for holidays to the UK anyway to cover unforeseen events.

What do the tour costs include?

All tours include the cost of my services, petrol, and car parking. Please see the individual tour descriptions for what else is included eg any admissions or lunch, for example. Where lunch isnít included, I am happy to give suggestions of places to try for meals. On some tours, a cream tea is included, and the tour details will clearly show this. There are optional extras you can purchase on private tours.

What is a Ďcream teaí?

Itís one of the delights of the British way of life!!

It usually comprises a cup (or pot) of tea and 1 or 2 scones with jam and cream. In my books, it should be clotted cream, and the scones should be warm. Coffee is available to tea if preferred, as are soft drinks, no doubt. However the actual cream tea may vary from place to place. Rest assured, I have researched the cream tea stops very carefully!

What languages will the tour be in?

The tour will be conducted in English. I do also speak conversational French and German, and can understand basic Spanish and Russian. I am trying to learn Japanese, but itís hard, and I havenít progressed much beyond ĎIma nan-ji desu kaí ! In due course I will be providing tour notes in French, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese if requested. I also plan to have worksheets for children.

Can I bring my suitcases / pushchair (stroller) / wheelchair / dog?

I chose my car to provide the maximum comfort for my passengers. However, this is at the expense of boot space. On general tours this means I do not have room for large suitcases. Four small Ďcarry-onsí should be OK, but please check first. I can take a collapsible wheelchair (and which gets priority over  carry-ons) or a pushchair. I havenít yet tried both items at the same time. Guide/assistance dogs are welcome, although they will need to be on the floor.

On private tours, I can take your luggage if there are up to four passengers. If there are five or six of you all with suitcases, I may need to use a 9-seater, which incurs a £70 supplement. (Sorry; thatís not me wanting to squeeze more out of you, but itís what it costs to hire the MPV.)

Please note, that whilst I am happy to accommodate your belongings where possible, any items left in the car is at your own risk. The car will be locked if I am not in it, but I cannot be held liable for loss or theft of any items, howsoever incurred.

Why do you need to know my mobile (cell) number and where Iím staying?

Because if thereís a problem, I need to let you know! For example - fortunately I am not ill very often, but in the unlikely event it should happen when itís your tour, I want to inform you as soon as possible if I have to cancel the tour. There is also a chance that because of bad traffic conditions, I might be delayed in my arrival at the pick-up point. In this instance I would want to let you know I am on my way so that you donít worry whether Iím going to turn up at all, or perhaps thinking youíve missed the tour.Ď

How do I get in touch with you?

For initial queries and bookings, please e-mail me, or use the booking form, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I canít readily answer my phone if I am out on a tour or driving, so if you DO leave a message for me (whether by phone or e-mail), I may not be able to get back to you until that evening or the following day.

If you are booked onto a tour, and need to get hold of me urgently, please do phone. Prior to the tour, I will check my phone in case youíre late, or Ďthe wrong kind of snowí is holding up the trains from London.

What about tipping or gratuities?

Tipping is at your discretion. As far as I am concerned, I have included everything into the price charged. However, if you are happy with the tour, I would really appreciate you spreading the word - and a good review on the likes of Tripadvisor is worth its weight in gold. But, if you do have spare British pounds, or Euros you wish to get rid of, I will be happy to accept them.

If you havenít enjoyed your day, please do let me know - if itís during the tour, I can try and change whatís wrong, or at the very least see how future tours could be improved.

Is there anything else I should know?

Glad you asked!

  • In the event of bad traffic conditions, adverse weather conditions, or anything else I havenít thought of but which could affect the tour on the day, I reserve the right to alter the sequence of the tour, the journey itself, or substitute an alternative destination. However, you would be involved in the decision process.
  • In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, your details will be stored electronically only for the purpose of fulfilling any legal requirements I may have in relation to running a business. Your details will not be passed to anyone else, individual or as a company, and will not be used for spam or marketing purposes. If you wish to write a testimonial (please!) for use on this website, you agree that I can include your name and home town/country. Photos of you will not be used on this website without your permission.
  • Car etiquette - please, no smoking or eating food in the car. If you are seated in the front or middle, please consider the two right at the back, and maybe offer to swop seats for part of the tour, unless thatís not an option because of medical reasons.
  • I have a fold-up wheelchair if needed. Please let me know if youíd like me to bring it with me.
  • I cannot be held responsible for the British weather. Sorry.


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