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Iíve been trying to think what I could offer people with late layovers who donít arrive in time to visit Windsor Castle or similar, or generally having evening tours.



I am in the process of re-vamping this tour to be either a public tour and / or a private tour, with dinner included. I am hoping this will be available from November 2016.

The evening will comprise a 2-part walk around Windsor as well as a drive around the surrounds with tales of Windsorís ghostly and sometimes macabre past. We have legends, and ghost stories, tales of witchcraft and a demon dog. Hopefully this should whet your appetite for a delicious meal at Englandís 3rd oldest inn, between Windsor and Heathrow. Oh, yes. It happens to be haunted, of course!

Likely start of tour will be 5pm, and we should be finished about 9.30 / 10pm - sometimes dinner takes longer than I expect, but hey, Iím in no hurry.

There will be discounts during November while I bed this tour in.



This is available between May and September, although special access Stonehenge may be available throughout the year, subject to spaces.

Meet in Windsor or Heathrow at 3.30pm. Travel down to Stonehenge for a general admission visit. Visit Wherwell or similar village to see the thatched cottages followed by a pub dinner.

Arrive back in Windsor / Heathrow approx. 9.30 - 10pm


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